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Wayne PA

At Blue Line Academy, we offer a training experience unlike any other. What makes us different? We’re not your typical martial arts and fitness center–our mission is to serve and contribute to our community as well as help individuals live healthy and fulfilling lives. We work with clients of all ages to improve their physical and mental strength, and help individuals become leaders. All of our programs integrate martial arts skills, physical fitness, and critical thinking. Founded by law enforcement professionals, Blue Line Academy infuses the realistic and unique experience of law enforcement into all our classes.

Martial Arts–Kids

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Martial Arts–Adults

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Fitness & Kickboxing

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Sayoc Kali

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Bouncer Training

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Our martial arts programs for kids aim to develop healthy lifestyle, eating, and personal habits through physical fitness, positive self-image, healthy relationships, and personal growth. Our goal is to create students who are
self-disciplined, focused, confident, and happy.
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We do not rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training