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Bouncer and Night Club Security Accountability Training Curriculum

Blue Line Academy is recognized by the Managing Directors Office of the City of Philadelphia to provide certified bounder training. We offer the required 16 hours of presentation and practical application training. In addition, we offer an additional 4 hours of scenario based training upon request, for a total of 20 hours. Contact us for pricing and scheduling and to learn more. 

DAY 1 = 8 hours

Module 1: The role of the security officer/”bouncer”

  • Protection of patrons, staff, self and private property.
  • Where does jurisdiction begin/end?
  • Powers of lawful citizen detention as related to job description.

Module 2: Liability concerns

  • Protecting the patrons
  • Protecting the establishment
  • Protecting yourself
  • Understanding of PA Liquor Control Laws
  • Obviously intoxicated patrons (alcohol and/or controlled substances)
    • Denial of entry
    • Duty to report?

Module 3: Basic First Aid

  • Minor injuries vs Major injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Minor orthopedic injuries
  • Head injuries

Module 4: Introduction to human behaviors and the mitigation of aggressive behavior

  • Nonverbal vs verbal cues
  • Stages of behavior escalation and management strategies.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Manipulating human behavior through body language.

DAY 2 = 8 hours

Begin with review of DAY 1 material

Module 5: Techniques for mitigating physical aggression

  • “Defensive Tactics” and PRACTICAL APPLICATION
    • Escorts
    • Diversions
    • Physical manipulations
    • Communications with secondary security personnel

Module 6: Situational, Environmental Awareness

  • Environmental/Fixed Weapons
  •  Confrontation positioning

Module 7: Pre Incident indicators and physical cues

  • Noticing Hidden/Secreted weapons
  • Surreptitious searches

Module 8: Test

  • Written test
  • Observation of physical techniques

Module 9: Graduation and Certificate Issuance



A four-hour course consist of review of day 1 material and any changes/alterations to PA State Law and/or City/Twp. Ordinances related to this topic. A four-hour course consist of review of physical techniques and realistic scenarios testing the retention of all material.